SST was born in 1994 by the intuition of Alessandro Pioltelli, Knight of work and Republic.

Today SST is a modern and innovative company which works with the most important national and inter-national industries which operates in automotive, medical, trend, design and household appliance sec-tors.

The continuous investments in the sector of sourcing and engineering of high quality products give a con-tribution to the success and the development of SST and its client and partner.

Thanks to its engineering team, SST can support clients in the planification of new components and high tecnological content products.

Since 2001 SST opens the Distribution division: a modern distributor with a larger role, it offers 360° goods and services: marketing on sales, specific formation for sellers, direct adverts for the support of distrubu-ted products, logistic services and custom products.

Since 2006 SST is Front Office and Development Europe of Sansera Engineering.