The Maggi brand was created in 1925 and since then has stood out as one of the most dynamic and far-sighted industrial experiences in the entire European chain manufacturing industry. Maggi Group is one of the few companies in the industry with expertise in many different sectors, especially those in which the company operates: ship-building, industrial, safety, snow, hardware.

Maggi Group SPA is the only chain’s manufacturer with production in Italy and Italian properties.
This is a guarantee of the high quality of the products that nowadays Maggi Group SPA sells all over the world.
All Maggi’s products are certified by the leading European institutions, SRA and NF.

Not only mechanical padlocks, chains and anti-theft Active systems (mechanical and electronic) but also and above all the products Myclose.
Myclose is the first U-mechanical lock (self-powered) that alerts through SMS on your smartphone burglary attempts or vehicle theft.

Double protection, mechanical and electronics, allows you to locate your vehicle and keep watch over him constantly. Myclose also allows you to protect more than one vehicle at a time and can be used with cars, trucks, bikes and motorcycles. Myclose app will help you choose the configuration and set the correct set-up right from your smartphone.

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